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Welcome to my asthetics page

NeoSkin Rejuvenation in Greensboro, NC

NeoSkin Rejuvenation

NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rejuvenation is a cutting-edge skin treatment designed to address a wide range of skin concerns, including tone and texture issues, redness, pigmentation, skin laxity, and other undesired skin structures. This innovative service leverages 650-microsecond laser energy that specifically targets melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin. This technology not only ensures a safe and effective treatment but also offers a comfortable experience for patients. By stimulating collagen production, NeoSkin effectively reduces fine lines, minimizes pores, and tightens skin, while also addressing brown pigments, vascular lesions, and inflammation. The result is a comprehensive skin renewal process that restores the skin's natural, youthful glow in a single treatment, setting a new standard in skin rejuvenation and tightening. Read More >>

For individuals in Greensboro, NC, seeking to rejuvenate their skin, Aesthetic Couture offers the NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rejuvenation treatment. This procedure is tailor-made to meet each patient's unique skin needs, with treatments typically lasting between 20-60 minutes depending on the specific conditions being addressed and the size of the treatment area. It is a highly safe and tolerable option for all skin types, requiring no skin cooling, anesthetic, or direct skin contact. If you're looking to achieve clear, youthful skin or to prevent the signs of aging, consider booking a NeoSkin treatment at Aesthetic Couture. Take the first step towards achieving your skin goals today. Read Less>>

Common skin concerns treated by NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rejuvenation


NeoSkin offers a non-invasive approach to reduce rosacea symptoms, diminishing redness, inflammation, and visible blood vessels for a clearer, more even complexion.

PFB / Shaving Bumps

Targeting inflammation and ingrown hairs, NeoSkin provides relief from shaving bumps, promoting smoother skin with reduced irritation.

Skin Tags

With precise laser technology, NeoSkin efficiently removes skin tags, offering a quick, minimally invasive treatment with no downtime.

DPN Papules / Bumps

NeoSkin safely eliminates Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) papules, improving skin texture and appearance with minimal discomfort.


NeoSkin lightens hyperpigmentation spots, including age spots and melasma, by targeting excess melanin for a more uniform skin tone.

Facial Veins

By collapsing unwanted blood vessels, NeoSkin effectively reduces the visibility of facial veins, enhancing skin clarity and complexion.


NeoSkin combats acne by targeting bacteria, reducing inflammation, and promoting skin healing, offering a comprehensive solution for clearer skin.

Hyperpigmenation/ Sun Spot

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Ingrown Hair)



Skin Rejuvenation

Spider Veins

Hypertrophic/Keloid Scarring

Nail Fungus

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to improve skin tone, texture, reduce aging signs, or treat specific skin conditions like redness, pigmentation, or laxity is a good candidate for NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rejuvenation.
Results can be seen shortly after treatment, with continued improvements over the following weeks as the skin heals and rejuvenates.
It depends, but with proper skin care and sun protection, improvements can last several months to years.
There is no downtime required, and side effects are minimal, typically including slight redness or swelling that subsides quickly.
Before treatment, avoid sun exposure and any skincare products that might irritate the skin. After treatment, keep the skin hydrated and protected from the sun.
During the NeoSkin treatment, you can expect a quick and comfortable session that lasts between 20-60 minutes, with no need for anesthetic or direct skin contact.

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