Welcome to my asthetics page

Welcome to my asthetics page

Face Reality Acne Bootcamp in Greensboro, NC

Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is a dedicated program to achieve clear and healthy skin through a blend of in-office treatments and at-home clinical-grade product use. Our program treats all types of acne grades 1 to 4 (mild to severe non-inflamed, inflamed, cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne, and back acne). This comprehensive approach, spanning 3 to 6 months, combines skin peels, Aerolase laser therapy, and LED Acne Light Therapy with professional skin care from Face Reality to target and treat the root causes of acne. Designed for individuals struggling with acne, this bootcamp offers personalized care, beginning with an initial consultation and analysis, a skin sensitivity test, and an informative acne packet. Subsequent treatments include weekly and bi-weekly clinical procedures that last between 45 to 60 minutes, meticulously tailored to address acne at its source across various areas of the skin. Read More >>

For those seeking an effective solution to acne in Greensboro, NC, Aesthetic Couture offers the Face Reality Acne Bootcamp, a promising option for achieving and maintaining clear skin. Ideal candidates include individuals of adults facing persistent acne issues. With patience and consistency, participants can expect to see notable improvements within 3 to 6 months, enjoying results that, with proper skincare maintenance, can last indefinitely. There is minimal downtime associated with the treatments, making it a convenient option for many. To begin your journey towards acne-free skin, book an appointment with Aesthetic Couture today. Read Less>>

Initial Consultation & Analysis, Skin Sensitivity Test, & Acne Information Packet


Begin your journey to clear skin with our comprehensive 60-minute session. This initial step in the Face Reality Acne Bootcamp includes a thorough consultation and skin analysis, a skin sensitivity test to tailor your treatment plan, and an informative acne information packet. This foundational assessment sets the stage for a personalized acne treatment strategy designed to meet your unique skin needs.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Clinical Procedures In-Office

Dive deeper into your acne-clearing journey with our targeted clinical procedures, lasting between 45 to 60 minutes per session. Depending on your personalized treatment plan, these sessions are scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly to combat acne effectively. Each visit is an essential step towards achieving and maintaining your skin health, utilizing a combination of professional-grade peels, Aerolase laser therapy, and other clinically proven methods tailored to your skin’s condition.

LED Acne Light Therapy

Harness the power of LED light to fight acne with our LED Acne Light Therapy sessions. This non-invasive treatment option offers a significant boost to your acne treatment regimen, targeting bacteria and reducing inflammation to promote clearer, healthier-looking skin. Safe and effective, LED light therapy complements your ongoing acne treatments by enhancing the healing process and offering an additional layer of support in your quest for clear skin.

Face Reality Peels

Discover the path to clear, radiant skin with Face Reality Peels, a series of innovative treatments tailored to address acne, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. Perfect for individuals seeking a non-invasive, effective approach to skin care, Face Reality Peels leave your skin smooth, hydrated, and visibly healthier with each treatment.

Featuring the lightest concentration of acids and specialty ingredients, this self-neutralizing peel targets hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and fine lines. It is designed to gently exfoliate acne-prone, hyperpigmented, and aging skin without causing excessive irritation or dehydration, though it may cause mild flaking.

With a mid-level concentration of acids and specialty ingredients, this peel continues the gentle exfoliation of acne-prone, hyperpigmented, and aging skin, balancing effectiveness with minimal irritation. Like the first, this treatment also manages to avoid excessive dehydration while potentially causing mild flaking.

Our most intensive peel, containing the highest level of acids and specialty ingredients, it addresses the same concerns as the other peels but with a stronger formula. It provides a deeper exfoliation while still maintaining a focus on minimal irritation and dehydration, and may lead to mild flaking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone struggling with persistent acne and looking for a comprehensive treatment plan is an ideal candidate.

Improvements are typically noticeable within 3 to 6 months of consistent treatment.

With proper skincare maintenance, results can last indefinitely.

There is minimal downtime, and any side effects are typically mild and short-lived.

Participants will receive specific instructions tailored to their skin needs for pre and post-treatment care.

You can expect a series of personalized in-office procedures combined with at-home Face Reality skincare, including peels, laser therapy, and LED treatments.

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