Welcome to my asthetics page

Welcome to my asthetics page

Meet The team


To provide a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to enhancing your natural beauty. Through our professional services and high quality medical grade products, we strive to improve the mind, body, and soul

Meet our Team

Kelsey Casper

Licensed Esthetician

I am Kelsey, a seasoned licensed esthetician with a deep dedication to skincare and beauty. My profound interest in the intricate science behind skin health drives me to continuously expand my expertise, which spans over two years in the field. Specializing in tailored facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and more, I have mastered the art of delivering personalized treatments that rejuvenate and enhance my client's natural beauty. My journey into esthetics began at the prestigious Dermacademy in Kernersville, where I completed 600 hours of comprehensive training. My commitment to excellence was evident when I obtained my license in early 2022, swiftly passing the state boards with flying colors. Before joining the esteemed team at Aesthetic Couture, I was the proprietor of my own successful esthetics practice in downtown Winston-Salem. Now residing in Kernersville, NC, I share my home with a beloved menagerie of three dogs and two cats, reflecting my deep affection for animals. Beyond my professional life, I find joy in exploring the vibrant coffee scene, immersing myself in captivating romance novels, and indulging in retail therapy. With an unwavering dedication to advancing skin health and beauty, I continue to excel in the dynamic realm of esthetics, providing my clients with unparalleled care and expertise.

Trè Patterson

Licensed Esthetician

I am Tré, a licensed esthetician committed to enhancing the beauty and health of your skin. My journey into the skincare industry began four years ago, initially ignited by a passion for makeup. This interest quickly evolved into a fascination with skin science, leading me to pursue esthetics professionally. Over the past three years, I have specialized in treatments for acne and hyperpigmentation, developing a deep expertise in addressing these complex skin issues. However, my enthusiasm extends to all skincare challenges, as I am dedicated to finding effective solutions for every client. My approach to skincare is rooted in the authenticity of natural solutions, aiming to deliver transformative results that not only improve the skin's appearance but also enhance well-being from the inside out. Whether you are dealing with breakouts, dark spots, or seeking to achieve a radiant glow, I invite you to join me on this skincare journey. Your skin deserves the utmost care, and I am here to ensure you receive it.

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