Welcome to my asthetics page

Welcome to my asthetics page


Dr. Jacklyn Halpin

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jacklyn Halpin is a board certified nurse practitioner and aesthetic injector. Dr. Halpin obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees from East Tennessee State University. She began her career in healthcare in 2010 as a certified nursing assistant, Jacklyn knew that she wanted to help patients in ways that they could not help themselves so she decided to continue her education in order to provide more comprehensive services. Jacklyn advanced her career from certified nursing assistant to licensed practical nurse (LPN), then she received her bachelors in nursing science (RN BSN), her masters of science and finished with her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2022. Jacklyn has always been determined and seeks the highest level of knowledge so that she can educate and treat her clients appropriately.
In addition to her scholastic training, Dr. Halpin has received advanced training from several nationally recognized practitioners in the aesthetic industry. She is known for her gentle touch, her natural eye for aesthetics, and her love for educating her clients. Jacklyn's passion for education extends beyond her clientele. Jacklyn is a cofounder of Skin of Color Aesthetics, LLC which is an online training platform used to provide educational information to clinicians about treating skin of color clientele. Jacklyn is also a published co-author and winner of a published presentation turned to manuscript called "Considerations for Laser Therapy, Microneedling and Chemical Peels When Treating Patients with Skin of Color".
Dr. Halpin chose to open a medical spa in Greensboro because she recognized the limitation in services offered to skin of color clientele. Ultimately, it is Jacklyn’s goal to help all of her clients realize their aesthetic goals and have their own Couture moment.​

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